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ID Item Maker Model Year Hour Meter price Remarks

KOMATSU BR100J-1 1995 8,154hr ASK Mobile
Jaw Crusher
Magnetic separator
Belt Conveyor For Body
Hopper type
Load liner
Add a Belt Conveyor
BK0026 OTSUKA IRON WORKS CE600 ASK Cone crusher
BK0022 KOMATSU BR100RG-1E 2014/2 3,385hr ASK
BK0017 FURUKAWA FPC1600 2003/3 3,971hr ASK Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
Radio control
The previous owner changed the hour meter at 9,646hr.
BK0001 Chen De CJ300M3 2007/12 6,200hr ASK Plastic bottle,Pre-form Molding machine
BK0024 MOROOKA MC-2000 2008 3,336hr Reserved Wood Chipper
Hopper type
BK0025 KOMATSU BZ210-1 2007/4 578hr Sold Out Self-propelled soil improvement machine
Hopper type
Steel shoe
Radio control
BK0021 AtlasCopco CDH-831C 2010 5,849hr Sold Out Steel shoe
BK0019 Shindaiwa CSD250-DCK 2002/9 651hr Sold Out Self-run type
Diesel engine
BK0018 MAEDA BM545S-1A 2010/10 2,942hr Sold Out Steel shoe
Radio control
Remote controller
Security Key
BK0016 MOROOKA MC-6000 2011 /11 5,292hr Sold Out Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
Hopper type
BK0015 KOMATSU BR80T-1 2006/11 8,454hr Sold Out Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
Processing diameter200mm
Magnetic separator
BK0014 KOMATSU BZ120-1 2000 1,072hr Sold Out Self-propelled Soil Improvement Machine
Steel shoe(450mm)
Rubber pad
BK0013 KOMATSU BR380JG-1 2004 4,838hr Sold Out Jaw Crusher
Magnetic separator
Sprinkler system
BK0012 FURUKAWA FPC1600 2002 884hr Sold Out Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
Parts list
BK0010 YAGI INDUSTAR SMC-900 Sold Out Super mighty crusher
Soft - hard dual-use machine
Inlet size1,120880620mm
Rotor size560x900L
SM009 NIPPON SHARYO DHJ-08 1998 24,092hr Sold Out Ground improvement machine
Steel shoe(400mm)
Rubber pad
SM008 FURUKAWA FPC1600 2003 4,597hr Sold Out Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
SM007 KOMATSU BR380JG-1 2004 4,754hr Sold Out Jaw Crusher
Magnetic separator
SM005 KOMATSU BR200-1 1993 6,816hr Sold Out Jaw crusher
Plate feeder
Magnetic separator
SM004 FURUKAWA FPC1600 2004 4,433hr Sold Out Wood Chipper
Horizontal Grinder
W/Radio control
SM003 KOMATSU ZENOAH SR200 436hr Sold Out Wood Chipper

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